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Mom’s Clean Sweep

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

~ Before ~

Clock In : 6/18/06 – 11:45am

O’ Son of mine usually washes his sheets, after the big storm last
Wednesday the dog was all muddy and slept on the bed.

3 years ago I cleaned and organized his room, it took over 8 hours. I was never going to clean it again. The dust on his shelves has turned to dirt. Well, I’m tired of begging, nagging, and yelling. He’s out of town and I have house guests half the summer so I’m cleaning it and throwing away stuff so it is presentable. – send a search party if I turn up missing….

He is not allowed to have food or drinks in his room…. look around!

~ Progress Notes ~

  • day 1 ~6/18/06 – Clock In : 1145am Break: 1420 – 1515 Stop: 2020
  • day 2 ~ A little vacuuming in the clean half, 2 more loads of laundry, order new bed, sheets, &amppillow.
  • day 3 ~ Bring in roll-away bed (new bed not in until 6/30), 3 more loads laundry, clean and reposition shelves (1 hour).
  • day 4 – more laundry! ahhhhh!!! Did the last load-TG! Another 30 minutes in room.
  • day 5 – clock in 10:00 break 13:00 – 14:00 break 17:45 – 18:45 20:45

Now I see why it is such a fight, I wanted to cry after I worked a few hours and the pile was still winning. I hope he is happy I did this, I doubt he will miss any of the stuff I tossed.

Thank You Sharon!!! ~ Buddy Sharon stopped by and gave me a hand for a couple of hours. She helped me put a huge dent in the shit pile.


  • Lysol
  • Pinesol
  • Trash bags
  • Cloths pin

Give Aways

  • Legos
  • Race Cars
  • Micro Machines
  • Hot Wheels
  • Stuffed animals
New Dressers

I have been looking for a new set of dressers at yard sales. The one he has was falling apart. I found a couple of almost new ones Saturday. Just the motivation I needed to get started on his room.

He gets a new bed

I found that the springs in his bed have broke and are sticking out, he needs a new box spring and mattress. Now. He got a new extra long twin box spring and mattress. We have no bedding that size in the house so he also got a new mattress pad and sheets. His pillow sucked so I got him a new one of those too.

Lost &ampFound

  • Earring on night stand??? (blinking light, clip. not a girls)
  • MY tape dispenser from MY desk
  • 2 screw drivers


  • $50 2 dressers
  • $350 mattress&ampbox spring
  • $44 Mattress protector
  • $50 Sheets &amppillow

Laundry –
I lost count of loads I did the first day, below is the pile of clean laundry I washed plus one load is in the washer, one in the dryer, plus 2 hampers with more. I found cloths he grew out of years ago piled under toys and stuff. In his defense his dresser drawers were hard to pull out on the bottoms were falling off.

Out the Door:
  • Bags of Toys: 8
  • 1 Box of Books
  • Broken dresser

    (I put a free sign on it and it was gone in less than an hour)

  • Black yard bags of Trash: 15
  • Tall kitchen bags stuffed animals 6
  • 42 drink bottles and a bag of cans
  • Stinky couch

    (dog took it over)

“No mom, I don’t take drinks to my room.”

~ After~

Clock Out : 6/24/06 – 8:45 PM

I had to order him a new matress and box springs

Beautiful, isn’t it – Here’s My bill

Hail Storm

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

The Remodel

Thursday, December 30th, 2004

~The Entry~

Paint we did our selves
Tile will be done by Sellers Tile

BEFORE Started : July 2004
Finished: ???

From hall looking down stairs & left.

It all started when Damon brought the moose hide home. This was the only place in the house where we could fit that monstrous thing. The wall was too dark for it to look good there.

Where does a moose hide? This one did not know the answer either.

Same view. We have 2 vintage 22s to add to this wall for a finishing touch.

From hall looking down stairs & straight. The dark paneling screams 70’s. it was in great need of an update. The pale yellow brightened up the entry quite a bit.

From hall looking down stairs & right.

The paneling was glued to the wall so we decided to paint it rather than rebuild the wall.

We will be adding deer antlers from one of Damon’s past hunts above the curio cabinet.

Same View

From door looking down. We did a coat of primer, a coat of texture paint, and 3 coats of yellow to cover the dark paneling.

From door looking up. We painted the steps. Between the snow, mud, and pets it gets too much dirt and wear for a carpet.

~ The Living Room & Hall ~

Carpet by Richard Kussy, Custom Flooring
Paint done our selves

BEFORE Start: July 2004
Finish: ???

Looking from hall to living room.

“Before” was taken after painting the white wall yellow.

We still need to pain the bricks behind the fireplace. I was thinking about a white primer and texture painting the bricks a brick red.

Will post photo after Christmas Tree out of the way.

Taken standing in dining room. “Before” was taken after painting the white wall yellow.
Will post photo after Christmas Tree out of the way.

Hall from Living room to bedrooms.
The only difference in these photos is the carpet. I only wish I had taken a shot before we painted.
Same View

~ The Dining Room & Kitchen ~

Floors by Richard Kussy, Custom Flooring

BEFORE Started: December 2004
Finished: ????

From living room to Dining Room. Gotta love that gold shag carpet!
Before we put the furniture back. The old carpet is still there.
Same view the Christmas tree is in the way. I’ll post a new image after it is down.

From dining room to Living room.

The trim still is not in so we put towels under the buffet to slide it easily without scratching our new floor.

I still need to fix up my dining room chairs. The set is Duncan- Pfief and was my Grandmothers. It is in need of some TLC & refinishing.

Same View

From Kitchen to Dining Room. The vintage carpet is covered by a cheep K-Mart throw.
Same view with new floor before we put the furniture back. The walls still needs paint but with the beautiful new floor who can tell?
Same View taken Christmas day. Can you smell that wine mulling in the crock pot?

Where did I put all that crap? I put the table in our den and added all the stem wear and misc items to the top. The rest went into plastic tubs loosely packed with my vintage table cloths. It took a couple hours to pack it up and twice that to put it back. It is amazing how hard it was to make it all fit again.

From dining room to kitchen
Note the lovely vintage 70’s linoleum (same as background). What you can’t see is the balled up padding under the carpet. I took the opportunity to oil all my furniture, it was time.
Same view taken Christmas day.