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Weird Sh*t Bingo Card Test Set

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

This post is specifically from my tribe at Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared on Facebook. Thank you all for your input on items, I could not use them all but everything on the list except the musical instruments was from you!

I Already have some corrections in the rules section:

• All Items must have photographic proof. (Video for musical instrument bonus.)
• No Object shall be just an ordinary object.
• Each object can be used as only one entry.
• All Items must be found during the game time period.
Optional “Holy Grail” Rule:
• A Vomit Clock is a wild card.
Optional Veto Rule:
• Everyone in group gets 1 veto to squash an opponent’s item if it is deemed too ordinary.
• Any Item with an earned bonus cannot be vetoed.

Every Card has “Vomit Anything” in place of the center free spot. If you do not know what “Vomit” is please visit VOMIT CLOCKS! on Facebook.

When I planned these cards out I wanted to make sure everyone who is playing was picking stuff up, looking in books, pockets, etc. I spent several hours organizing the list by category and difficulty to make sure the cards were all similar in difficultly. The band instruments were my addition, I’m a musician and had to have something musical on there.

All the cards have A musical Instrument, A call to a decade, something haunted, taxidermy, and Turtles/Frogs with Human Genitalia. Then one item from each of these categories:

  • Accessories
  • Art
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Words
  • Hand Made
  • Crimes
  • Creepy
  • Dead Things
  • Decor
  • Nick-Knacks
  • Furniture
  • Grab Bag
  • Kitchen
  • Medical
  • Photos
  • Religious
  • Toys
  • X-rated Item

PLEASE – Come back and report Typos and cards with redundancies (Include Card Number). I randomized the order but even random sometimes fails.

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August 17, 1941

Sunday, March 31st, 2019

There is a letter missing from Pauline, Pauline has accepted Abb’s marriage proposal.

U. S. S. Cuyama – San Fransisco Calif.

To my Dear Future Sweet Wife,

How that! I received your letter today as we will be sailing early in the morning for Honolulu. I will tell you how glad I am when you said “yes”.

When I read your letter it seem that I had been lost all my life and found the most happiness thing to live for.

I have been a play-boy all my life thinking I was happy and I have seen so may of my friends get married and told me later that I was missing the most happiness thing in life in not getting married. I have been shipmate with a Lieut. Lett for five years who now is aboard ship with me. He was married 2 years ago, they live in San Diego, Calif. I go our to their home a lot. He & his wife are swell, they are very much in love with each other. Both are very nice to me (you will meet them later) they are glad I have met someone I like very much. I showed them your picture they think you are very nice & good looking.

Remember, Pauline is also the name of Abb’s Sister in Law.

Yes Pauline told me the things you said.

Say: I think I should have a picture made & send you one so you can destroy the one you have of my self. Ha.

If you could plan to come out here sometime in October or before if you like. The reason I say October is because I will be out on a battle cruiser for about 15 days in September and I wont have much time off when we arrive back in September.

When you do come out you and Mother could find a furnished apt or house or you could stay with Woody & Pauline until I come in or any way you see fit. Or you could transfer your job out here until we plan other things if you wanted to hold on to your job or if you just want to keep house it all right with me. If you don’t have enough money to come out [as] I will send you some later. After you get out here we can get married at Woody & Pauline’s or at church or we could drive up to Las Vegas Nev. (about 5 hour drive from Los Angeles) and get married the same day (as movie stars). Or we can have a military wedding mustering the captain & officers of the USS Cuyama. Say you get to help me on this wedding you are going to be my wife and I am about to get lost in the fog in suggesting. Ha.

Say honey. Pauline Truett thinks you are it.

I am glad to hear your mother is feeling better. I hope to meet her some day.

Pauline it will be the happiest thing in my life in making you the best husband any wife was had. We can plan & go places, see things & you meet some of my friends and I will meet your friends and be alone that is just you and I be alone some times and I can kiss your sweet lips.

Honey if you think this is rushing you to fast you can come on out to Los Angels & have your job transferred out here and we can go around a while together. But gosh honey I would be afraid to go away and leaving you like that for fear some other man might get you.

I will write you from Honolulu. If you write me this week and mail it in the address [stamped] envelope it will go clipper mail from San Diego to Honolulu.

Your Future Husband

August 18, 1941 Adolf Hitler orders a temporary halt to Nazi Germany’s systematic euthanasia of mentally ill and handicapped due to protests. However, graduates of the Action T4 operation were then transferred to concentration camps, where they continued in their trade.
Abb Truett
Woody bottom-right tube, person on the left.
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Fall Pumpkins by tetontrekker

Fall Pumpkins by tetontrekker

For pricing and more photos by TetonTrekker go to my page at DeviantArt

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