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Music: Good for the Soul

Friday, September 7th, 2018

Keep the music alive!

In 2018, you can give beginning August 1st until 5 pm on September 14th

I played the flute from 5th grade until I graduated from High School, then played in the Bishop California Community Band a couple times right out of high school. I moved to Jackson for a summer in 1980 and stayed, life, work, family, children, and Jackson Hole activities filling my life and my flute collecting dust in the closet.

In 2004 I was sitting in the stands at my son’s little league game. One of the other moms, Nancy Ninnemann, who I also know from Boy Scouts, was talking about paying the flute. I told her I played the flute in High School, she immediately said “why aren’t you in the Community Band”. After a bit of arm twisting I agreed to come to a rehearsal.

I had not played with an organized group in almost 25 years and had not played more than a few notes in 20 years. I pulled my flute out of the closet and put it together. The Cork on the head joint was loose but it still worked and I could play a scale from memory. Remembering how to play it was like riding a bicycle, no problem. However remembering how to read music proved to be a bit more challenging, I pulled out my fingering chart and went to rehearsal a couple days later.

When I arrived at rehearsal there were about 30ish musicians there, other than Nancy I only knew one other person, Cecilia Bellinghiere, also from Boy Scouts. Nancy had a chair and stand ready for me, and when I sat down she handed me a folder of music. OMG! What did I get myself into? Lots and lots of lines and black dots, I was completely overwhelmed. I looked at Nancy and said “Middle line is a B, right?”.

One of the pieces we rehearsed that night was The Liberty Bell by John Phillip Sousa… lots of black dots were on the page. I must have had the ‘deer in the headlights’ look on my face, Nancy assured me I would recognize the tune. We began… the Monty Python Theme! And right where the Monty Python Theme stops and spits a raspberry the conductor, Don Cushman, stopped us. If I had only known these people like I do now I would have filled in the empty air with the classic raspberry.

I practiced often that spring, windows open, torturing my husband and neighbors. I remember after a week or so my husband comment that it’s starting to sound like music. YAY, it was coming back. I went to a few more rehearsals, performed in a parade, a concert, then summer break. During the break I sent my flute at a shop for a tune up.

Even though there was a near 25 year break all that knowledge was still there. The marches on little pieces of paper are harder to see than I remember, I have to blow up them to read the notes. Playing pieces I had memorized in high school was a little weird too. I would get to a part I still remembered then lose where I was on the music in front of me. Within a year I purchased a metal piccolo for parades, eventually becoming 2nd piccolo, and roping my husband into pulling the band on a trailer in the local parades. In 2012 we lost our primary piccolo player, Norma Foster, to cancer, I moved to her chair, I think about her often and always try to live up to her example.

It’s 2018, I have two jobs, a weekend ski pass, my husband and I spend most summer weekends in our RV, we fish, bicycle, and I have band. I’m the Librarian, Vice President, the JHCB Website Administrator, and a much better musician than I was in high school. As busy as my life is, I can not imagine my life without music, music is good for the soul. And the friends I have made in Community Band are like an extended family.

Did this make you reminisce about your years in High School or College Band? Do you miss a life with music in it? Why aren’t you in the Jackson Hole Community Band? Rehearsals are 7pm at the Center for the Arts, in the performing arts wing. Dust off your instrument and join us. Don’t live in Jackson Hole? Many towns have a community band, do an internet search and see what’s near you.

Halloween Concert 2017 Flute Section: Sammy Douville, Noah Osnos, Anna Senecal, Nancy Ninnemann , Holly Balogh, Julie Wilson

Keep the music alive!

Please remember us at Old Bills 2018.

In 2018, you can give  beginning August 1st until 5 pm on September 14th. We hope you can join us Saturday, September 8th, for Old Bill’s at the Jackson Town Square!

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Thank you from all of the Jackson Hole Community Band Members.

2018 – 2019 Season

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Ski Term: Ski Buds

Ski Buds



A group of Bros that enjoy *ripping pow, drinking beer, riding lifts, Aubrey ski, and spending time together.

Holly Balogh, Sue, BJ, Cecilia, Claire, Julie Wilson

Holly, Sue, BJ, Cecilia, Claire, Myself

Judy, Becky, Jay, Julie Wilson, Claire

Judy, Becky, Jay, Myself, Claire

BJ, Judy, Julie Wilson, Jay

BJ, Judy, Myself, Jay

*However there is no such thing as a friend on a powder day.

4800 y/o Human Remains Found in the Tetons

Friday, April 1st, 2016

I can’t believe this is being erased from the internet!

Only known photo of remains found in the cave

A couple weeks ago local ski enthusiasts, Clarice Prairie and Becca Tacloet, took off for a quick hike up the Grand Teton for what they thought would be a non-eventful spring ski. They noted several new rock slides  from the early March earthquake swarm along the way, but continued their hike to the top. As Prairie and Tacloet were climbing over some lose rock from a slide, Prairie slipped and fell into a narrow space in the rocks that opened into a small cave. She nearly landed in the lap of some human remains, next to the remains were some modern electronic devices. Prairie and Tacloet took several photos, noted the GPS location in their iPhones, and continued with their ski. When Prairie and Tacloet arrived at the trail head they notified the local authorities of their discovery, and texted photo of their find to me.

Archaeologist and global warming expert, Vika Starkington, was in the area doing a study of ancient human dwellings recently uncovered by melting glaciers. Starkington excavated the site and sent samples to Washington for carbon dating and DNA testing. The carbon dating concluded everything found in the cave was approximately 4,800 years old. “This is very confusing” said Starkington, “The lab ran [the carbon dating test] 4 times, and the results were the same.”

JJ Wrightner Feb 2015
          JJ Wrightner

The DNA results were even more confusing. The remains were that of JJ Wrightner, a local inventor that went missing last June. On the day of his disappearance his VW Bug was found at trail head with his journal and a note on the seat. Wrightner had been working on a time travel device, the note said that he had found the secret to time travel, it’s elevation. He planned to go to 1955 to prove his hero, “Doc” Brown, was based on a real person. His note said that if he did not return something may have gone wrong, and he was leaving his journal for further time travel study.

Grand Teton National Park SAR found Wrightner’s day pack and hiking stick on the top of the Grand Teton but never located his body, until now. Geologist Liv Klinger hypothesized Wrightner’s time travel device was a success but tragically put him in the Tetons at at the time of the last big earthquake on the Teton Fault, and Wrightner’s time travel device being the cause of the earthquake. When called for an interview, Klinger said she was focusing all her time trying to pass a bill banning time travel.

Clarice Prairie and Becca Tacloet

Local news papers, Jackson Hole News & Guide, Plant Jackson Hole, and Buckrail.com all ran this story earlier this week, but now the stories are gone! Prairie and Tacloet were last seen yesterday getting pushed into a black SUV near Albertson’s by two men in black suits. Witness Kay Krachy said “I was waiting for Wolfie to do his business when this black SUV stopped then two men in black jumped out and grabbed the girls. It was just like something from the X-Files.”

In addition, all of Prairie and Tacloet’s social media accounts have vanished.