The Gray Lady (Ghost) Costume

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

 I found this costume @ but did not want a purchased costumeHalloween is one of my favorite holidays so when the Jackson Hole Community Band planned their 1st Annual Halloween Concert in 2010 I started planning my costume right away. (Photos Here)

I found this costume at but did not want a purchased costume, I prefer to make my own.

DSC_0699DSC_0697I found this dress at Deseret Industries in Idaho Falls (a second hand store) for $15. The skirt fabric was perfect, and it had some weight so it would flow nicely. It was a little small around the waist, and the waist line was too high, but with some imagination it would work perfectly.

I cut the top off to drop the waist line, I’ll fold the extra fabric over to make the new waistband. I had to remove the zipper so i used some hook and eyes i had in my sewing stash. They looked a little funny but when the costume was dyed it gave it an out of the grave vintage look.

I used 2 packs of black Rit Dye powder ($4.78 + tax) to dye the dress, what a mess!! [note to self: never buy the powder again]. I dissolved the dye in hot water before I put it in the washer but I still got some dark splotches on the satin. They are near the bottom but it was OK (it’s just a costume) I’m not sure if I suck at dying fabric or if the satin had food stains that did not come out when I washed it.

Drip dry in my basement laundry room . I dyed the scraps in case i need them to build the new waistband.



The color is very close to the color in the costume I’m trying to copy.

For the veil I used a crocheted table top i got at a yard sale (or a friend did) for probably under a buck. 1/2 bottle of black liquid Rit dye, veil under $3.


What makes any costume are the details and accessories. I used the flowers and ribbon I cut off the dress for embellishments.


I spent about $25 on items that will only be for the costume and $60 on clothing and accessories that are real cloths I can wear all year. It came out nicer than the original costume AND I got a few more things for my wardrobe.

DSC_1189 DSC_1190 DSC_1181 DSC_1183

I wore this costume for the 2010 Halloween Concert and the 2012 concert. The 2014 Halloween concert is Saturday October 25th 3PM at Walk Festival Hall, Teton Village.


To Blog or not to Blog

Friday, August 29th, 2014

What is a Blog? Basically, its a blank page to fill with whatever your want. There are news blogs, food blogs, music blogs, photo blogs, family blogs, opinion blogs, etc. etc. It’s the irresponsible blogs that post wrong or twisted information about a subject passing it off as truth, or sensationalize tragedy that give blogs a bad name, and annoy me.

I thought why the heck would I want to blog??? Then I started looking at my web page content I’ve been publishing over the years… guess what… I’m a blogger. [insert dramatic sound clip] So I collected all the “blogs” I posted over the years and moved them here. I’m not the best writer and my blogs are not to be taken too seriously. Just sit back, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy… or not, follow my blog (enter your email on right of the page), or not…your choice.

Binx & Jinx

Saturday, November 30th, 2013
Binx & Jinx

Left to Right: Jinx, Binx

Long before the book “Elf on the Shelf” let the cat out of the bag on Santa’s little helpers, Binx and Jinx were at the Krejci House in Azusa checking up on Richard & Julie each Christmas. Bad Belinda, Santa’s fallen elf, also found a home with the Krejci’s long ago, causing chaos behind the two little elves everywhere they went.

Now the three elves live with the Wilson’s in Jackson Wyoming where they kept a close eye on Douglas and Kyle as they grew up and reported back to Santa. Now the house is quiet, Binx and Jinx are enjoying their retirement in Wyoming along with Bad Belinda, they all love it there because it reminds them of their birthplace, the north Pole,however they are quite tired of 50 years of being locked up 11 months a year.

Bad Belinda

Bad Belinda

It’s almost time for them to emerge from their keeping place for another Christmas. Now that the world knows all about Santa’s little helpers they should enjoy a bit more freedom. I wonder what adventures they will have, and what mischief Bad Belinda will get them into.