Blueberries and Boulette

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Throw Back Thursday Recipe Reading

American Cookery
Formerly the Boston Cooking School Magazine

Aug - Sept 1921 Vol XXVI No. 2  PG 118

Sending out an old house in epic style.

A few minutes into my video you can hear some laughing, hootin', and hollerin'. That was my former neighbors from across the street. The house they were renting for the last 7 years sold last winter. A couple from a big city purchased the house and scheduled it for demolition and are rebuilding a new house in its spot. The renters' last day in the house was a week prior to this video. Coincidentally, the house was torn to the ground the same day earlier in the day. When I left for work it was staining, when I go home it was to the ground.

As I was doing this video live on Facebook, my husband was witnessing the commotion out the living room window. The kids, as we call them becasue they are our son's age but they are around 30ish, stopped by to witness the destruction. Then they proceeded to flash and/or moon the site of the old house! I'm sure there was some beer involved.

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