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When people find out I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming one of the most common questions people ask is "So, are you rich?". My answer is always the same, "Not financially, but I'm rich in other ways."

I moved here in 1980 and can't imagine living anywhere else. I love this town and all it has to offer. To afford to stay and still have time to play takes special attention to maintain a work/life balance.

I work in the constriction industry, (read more about my work experience here), and I play flute and piccolo, and serve on the board of directors in the Jackson Hole Community Band. I spend most my winter weekends skiing, and summer weekends glamping. I fill in the blanks with all my other hobbies and an occasional, well earned, blob day on the couch.

I also work as an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef. August 2019 I decided I needed something on the side to subsidize my ski budget. I gave it a lot of thought, what would fit in with my schedule, activities, and hobbies? Pampered Chef was a no-brainer. So in September of 2019 I took the leap. To learn more about what I offer through Pampered Chef, please visit my Pampered Chef website pamperedchef.biz/tetontrekker

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