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The Krejci Casserole Controversy of 1961

I think every family has an epic food fail that legends are made of! I have more than one... this is one of our family stories, and the recipe!

Throw Back Thursday Recipe of the week


Bohemian-American Cook Book

Automatic Printing Company
Omaha, Nebraska
4th Edition 1947

PG 290

Schinken fleckerln

Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cooking

Volumes 1 - 12
Fawectt Publications Inc 1961

PG 122 Vol 1,  PG 685 Vol 6, PG 1233 Vol 8

Ham and Noodle Casserole

Cooking With Casseroles

Second Printing January 1959

PG 67

What is Šunkafleky?

First I had to figure out how to spell it, that was tough because Grandma spoke Czech, German, and a Slavic language that is no longer used.

This is what I found on Google…

The German word  for 'Ham' is Schinken, phonetically pronounced Sheenk-uun
The Czech word  for 'Ham' is also Schinken, but phonetically pronounced Sheenk-en

"Flecky" a bit harder, this is what I most commonly found with Google...

Schinken Fléckerl sheenk-uun fleck-ah-rool [roll the r]Fleckerl being Viennese German for 'Small Spot'
"Ham Small Spot"
On a side note... Fleckerl is also a dance step most commonly found in the Viennese Waltz

Schinken Fleckerln - sheenk-uun fleck-hell
Fleckerln -  being  German for  'Patches'
"Ham & Patches"

Überbackene Schinken Fleckerl - oober-bah-ken sheenk-uun fleck-ah-rool
Überbackene being German for 'Gratinated'
Gratinated -  grat·​i·​nate | \ ˈgratᵊnˌāt \-ed/-ing/-s (we know as Au Gratin)
To cook with a covering of buttered crumbs or grated cheese until a crust or crisp surface forms.
"Gratinated Ham & Patches"

Schinken Nudeln - sheenk-uun new-den
Nudeln - being  German for   'Noodles'
"Ham & Noodles"

Zapečené Flíčky se Šunkou - zap-eh-cheenee fleetch-key se shoon-cow
Zapečené being  Czech for 'Baked'
 "Baked spots with ham"

I found it In Grandmas Book under "Noodles with Ham"
Flíčky s Uzeninou - fleetch-key es oozen-nieneo
Flíčky being  Czech for   'Spots', Uzeninou is Check for 'sausage'
"Spots with Sausage"

Still not finding the exact word Shoonk-ee-fleky I tried Pintrest… FOUND IT!! YAY!
Šunkofleky - shoonk-o-fleky being  Czech for 'Ham spots'
Šunkafleky - shoonk-uh-fleky being  Slavic for 'Ham spots'

No matter how you pronounce it,  Šunkafleky is a traditional  ham and noodle dish. It's typically made with eggs, cheese, and sour cream. It forms a casserole that's a little eggy, a little creamy, and a little cheesy. In these dishes the spots refer to square-shaped pasta. YUP, Šunkafleky is Ham and Noodle Casserole! Not be confused with Spotted dick, which is a traditional British baked pudding,  made with suet and dried fruit, traditionally served with custard. Available art a grocery store near you.

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