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Herbie’s big fat life begins

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In January of 2017 after a visit at Tori's salon I dropped by the Animal Adoption Center, which is right next door, for my cat fix. We had lost our cat of 17 years in August of 2016 and I was missing having a cat in our life.  One cat named Melon caught my eye, no doubt because he was perched on the cat tree, at face level, closest to the door. So naturally I pet him, OMG what a friendly kitty, he purred and rolled on his back and when I stopped petting him he grabbed my hand and pulled it back. I pet him more, when I stopped he put his paws on my shoulder and jumped in my arms. I gave him a little more loves then put him on the floor. He followed me to the next cat room, then back to the door. When I left he was sitting by the glass door, watching me leave, with his nose nearly pressed on the window.

I couldn't stop thinking about Melon.  It took me 2 weeks to convince my husband that it was time to adopt another cat and that this one had already picked us for his new furever home. I filled out the on line adoption application on a Saturday, and on Tuesday, February 7th, after 156 days in the shelter, Melon came to live with us.

The Animal Adoption Center gives a two week trial period and a certificate for a free well visit at one of the local vets. If he were unhealthy we could bring him back to the shelter, which I can't imagine, he had our hearts from day one. Melon apparently gained his name because he was such a lover (Honeydew Mellon) but we wanted to give him a name we picked for him. My husband came up with Herbie, as in 'Herbie the Love Bug'. He's definitely a lover, he's black and white, and when he curls up just right his black spots make a heart shape. The name stuck.

This is the first time I have adopted a grown shelter cat. Some of Herbie's habits upon arriving in our home have been challenging and funny at the same time. Counter tops for example, he had no idea they were NOT for cats to get a closer look at what you're cooking. One day he came running full speed down the hall, through the dining room, into the kitchen and took a flying leap onto the counter with a big thud of his 12 pounds of fluff... I swear I hear him say "TA-DAAA". We are still working on that habit, but at least he pretends to know better. He also has zero tolerance for dogs, especially little ones that THINK he can be intimated, he likes to rough play (we are working on that), he loves his feather toy on a string, and he will do anything for a tablespoon of cream. You see, he is NOT lactose intolerant like most cats.

We think he's part Maine Coon, he has many of the physical characteristics, he has tufts on the bottom of his paws, he likes water and snow, he's intelligent, and he is very verbal. His intelligence has earned him the middle name of "Houdini". He is an escape artist. He has even figured out how to get around all my attempts to keep him on the deck so he can have "outside time" without roaming the neighborhood.  He took to a harness with no problem, thank goodness! We got him chipped just in case though. If you see him roaming around East Jackson on his own, know I am probably near by looking for him in a panic.

To see what Herbie is up to, you can follow Herbie's Big Fat Life on Twitter and Instagram.

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