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15 October, 2020

Fall Harvest Pickled Green Tomatoes

Fall Harvest Pickled Green Tomatoes
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We live in an area with a very short growing season, in the fall we usually get our first hard frost in September, with it setting in for good in October. when there are more than a couple days in the fall of hard frost, I harvest everything and call it a year. I usually end up with many green tomatoes.

22 February, 2020

Margarita Fizzy

Margarita Fizzy
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February 22nd is National Margarita Day! Margaritas are not all that hard to make and only take a few simple ingredients. My standard recipe is easy but is more appropriate for weekends at home, they pack a powerful punch. I came up with this version for hot summer days where you don’t want to get
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13 September, 2019

Weekends with TetonTrekker Video Blog

Weekends with TetonTrekker Video Blog
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Winter of 2018 I won an awesome GoPro Hero 6 and swag from the GoPro people at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort so I thought I would give YouTube a try. Think of my channel as a grab bag of family adventures and Wyoming lifestyle.