August 15, 1941

Saturday, March 9th, 2019

Dear Pauline,

We are sailing in the morning at the same docks you saw us sailed from when you were here.

I haven’t heard from you, since my last two letters.

Honey you probable haven’t recovered from the shock. ha. ha.

Anyway as soon as you get your breath, I will be looking for an answer.

Mother is back at Woody & Pauline. Louise is out to her self so mother write me.

I am going up to Woody and Pauline tonight and see them before sailing.

It will be good to see you our here again, it is very nice here now. Mother, Woody & Pauline & lee and myself played golf Sunday at Long Beach. Louise & David went to Los Angeles. Will write you from Honolulu.


Original Letter

August 14, 1941
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill jointly issued the Atlantic Charter, stating the Allied goals for the post-war world.
I love this picture, the dresses are the bomb, and the hats!

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