Pot Luck Elk Roast

I’ve been making this roast for many years for band pot lucks and have been asked for the recipe several times. The recipe has changed a bit over the years and I try new things. I have had some fails, this recipe below is the best outcome over the years. When I made the roast […]

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Roasted Poblano Pepper

I use roasted peppers in many of my recipes. These are simple instructions to roast your pepper on a gas stove top. If you have an electric stove get your grill super hot.

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The Perks of Camp Coffee

Nobody wants to hear your generator at zero seven thirty! –
You say you don’t like percolated coffee? That is because you are not doing it right.

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Mesquite Smoked Salsa Verde

This recipe uses five varieties of peppers. Smoking the peppers and using Himalayan sea salt gives this salsa a great flavor an takes the bite out of the heat.

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Cranberries & Pecans in Sherry

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Julie’s Perfect Roast Turkey & Mashed Potatoes

Over the years I’ve read many techniques and recipes on how to cook a turkey. Taking the best parts of those reads, I’ve come up with this method. Many friends and family have asked for my recipe, so here it is. I do not like to brine, I think it adds too much salt to […]

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