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a Murder Wreath

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

or a Wreath of Unkindness
or a Cluster Crown

How to make this Halloween wreath from things found at the Dollar Store.

Dollar Store Purchases:

  • 1  Floral Ring
  • 2 Rolls of black ribbon
    • 1 to wrap it with
    • 1 for bow at bottom
  • 7 Crows (Ravens, or Blackbirds), look for ones with wires under the feet. (I picked a couple different varieties)
  • 2 black flower bunches (The flowers I picked had spiders)
  • 1 Purple or orange floral accent
  • Black pipe cleaners

Other Household Items:

  • Black electrical tape
  • Sewing Pins

No glue Instructions:

  1. Wrap the ring with black tape if the ribbon does not cover the color of the ring, then wrap some wide ribbon and pin it in place.
  2. Press the feet all the way into the crows,
  3. Use the wire that is on the bottom of the crows’ feet and press them into the ring somewhat evenly spaced.If the crow did not have wires in the feet, use the pipe cleaners.
  4. Arrange a bow with the thinner ribbon and pin it to what will be the bottom of the wreath. Wrap a pipe cleaner as a hanger on the opposite end of the Wreath.
  5. Clip and trim the flowers from the bunch leaving enough stem to press into the rings without poking out the other side. Fill in spaces with the flowers.
  6. Clip apart the floral accent and poke the ends around the outside of the wreath for accent.

Please return and reply with a note about your wreath and any variations you did.

Thank you for visiting.