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30 December, 2023

What’s Cookin’ – Family Dinners

What’s Cookin’ – Family Dinners
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The post celebrates carving one’s path in life, with the writer’s thriving lifestyle and reflections on a TV show and vintage cookbooks. It delves into the impactful legacy of family dinners and invites readers to join the journey. The writer’s zest for life and treasured memories shine through the engaging narrative.

2 August, 2019

Weird Sh*t Bingo

Weird Sh*t Bingo
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I envision a group of 10 friends meeting up for breakfast on a Saturday morning at their favorite coffee joint. Over coffee, draw for their cards and divide into teams of two. Decide on what time the game is over and a place to meet and compare Bingo to declare the winners. Then all take off in teams, one team per car. Each team would get a win for the most Bingos (ugliest taxidermy bonus is the tie-breaker), and individual wins would be decided by each player by awarding their trinket to who they think won. Everyone would pitch in to buy the winning team lunch or a drink.