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Join me each Thursday at the @TravelingTrivet Facebook group, 6pm Mountain Time, when I read a long forgotten recipe from one of my vintage cookbooks.

Click a recipe below to see a Re-Run (that is what we called them back in the day).

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Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook

1953, Revised 1962 Edition

This book was given to my by my Mom. I grew up using this one. It is definitely "well loved".

Bohemian-American Cook Book

Automatic Printing Company
Omaha, Nebraska
4th Edition 1947

This was my Grandma's book, lots of good memories from dinners at Grandma Krejci's house!

Tested and Practical Recipes for American and Bohemian Dishes.
An English Translation of the Cookbook Published in the Bohemian Language and Compiled.
By Marie Rosicky

Cooking With Casseroles

Second Printing January 1959

A Sunset Book by the Editors of Sunset Books and Sunset Magazine. Lane Publishing Co., Menlo Park, California

Given to me by my BFF Vicki.

Favorite Recipes of Home Economics Teachers
SALADS Including Appetizers

Favorite Recipes Press, 1964
Montgomery, Alabama

Given to me by my BFF Vicki.

National Grange Bicentennial Year Cookbook

A heritage of recipes from the kitchens and hearths of yesteryear cooks for the homemakers of today.

Favorite Recipe Press 1975

The National Grange was founded after the Civil War in 1867, is the oldest American agricultural advocacy group with a national scope. Officially named The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, is a social organization in the United States that encourages families to band together to promote the economic and political well-being of the community and agriculture.

Given to me by my BFF Vicki.

Nebraska Centennial First Ladies' Cookbook

1867 - 1967
Published 1966
By Catherine J Hillegass

A yard sale find!

Purefoy Hotel Cookbook

New edition
1941 by Eva B Purefoy, Talladega, Alabama
Revised 1960 edition

True and Tried Recipes of Real Southern Cooking
1941 by Eva B Purefoy, Talladega, Alabama Revised 1960 edition

A Yard Sale find!

Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cooking

Volumes 1 - 12
Fawectt Publications Inc 1961

Mom Purchased when she got married in 1961.

Join me each Thursday at 6PM Mountain Time for a new reading of a long forgotten recipe.

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