Halloween Costumes & Crafts

Shrunken Doll Heads

Even though Halloween is in the fall, spring is the best time to start planning. Plenty of time to shop thrift stores and garage sale for appropriate items, and I can work on the crafty stuff while glamping.

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Music: Good for the Soul

I played the flute from 5th grade until I graduated from High School, then played in the Bishop California Community Band a couple times right out of high school. I moved to Jackson for a summer in 1980 and stayed, life, work, family, children, and Jackson Hole activities filling my life and my flute collecting […]

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A Pirate Hat with Style

When I started planning my pirate costume, I knew I wanted a unique pirate hat to bring it together. For ideas I browsed Pintrest to find that swashbuckling look I wanted. Visit my blog for instructions to make a hat like this.

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Easy Cousin It

Pintrest is a fun place to find new ideas. While surfing one day I found easy instructions for making a Cousin It Halloween prop. I had to keep Cousin it locked away in a closet for Halloween until he made an appearance with the Jackson Hole Community Band at their annual Concert for the Kids.

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a Murder Wreath

or a Wreath of Unkindnessor a Cluster Crown Please return and reply with a note about your wreath and any variations you did. Thank you for visiting.

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Valkyrie Costume

After watching Live at the Met’s presentation of the Die Walküre in summer 2011, I was inspired for my next costume. The skirt from the Gray Lady costume I made the prior year would work perfectly and I spent the summer/fall going through my closets, jewelry boxes, craft supplies, and shopped yard sales and second hand stores for things that I could re-purpose for the costume.

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The Gray Lady (Ghost) Costume

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so in 2010, when the Jackson Hole Community Band planned their 1st Annual Halloween Concert for the Kids, I started planning my costume right away. I found this costume at my favorite Halloween shop, grandinroad.com, but did not want a purchased costume, I prefer to make my own. […]

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