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Tigger Mischief

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

If only I had a video camera rolling… I could have won some bucks on one of those home video shows.

Last night Damon brought home pet food from Pet Place Plus. In the bag were five cans of cat food and about a pound of bulk dog cookies. He put it on the kitchen table and went to the back of the house. (Of course Tigger is not allowed on the table.) I was in the living room and suddenly heard a big crash-bang, then Tigger took off running down the hall screaming like he was in a fight, the the pet food bag handle around him, and food flying everywhere! OMG poor Tigger… I was laughing so hard! I went to check on him, still laughing, he was OK but he was hiding under the desk hissing. I got the bag off him but he would not come out until I put canned food in his dish. When Damon asked what was going on, I told him what happened and we both laughed… Tigger went and hid again .

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My life has a Soundtrack

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Yesterday I had to bring my cat Tigger to the vet for an infected tooth, I pulled his crate from the basement fully expecting him to hiss and run. He didn’t see me. (TG!) I propped the crate upright on a kitchen chair with the door facing up and the table holding the crate in place then it was off to find Tigger. When I approached him he put his ears back, as if he knew I was up to something and started to back off. When I picked him up he immediately started pushing himself away. To get him in the crate I  hold him by the scruff, hold his hind feet and tail, stuff him in feet first, hold my hand over the opening so he does not escape, then close the hatch. All went according to plan.

Now I have a pissed off Tigger in a crate, oh for joy. I put him in the car, buckled the crate into the seat and headed for the vet. Tigger was yowling so I thought I’d turn the radio station from hard rock music to classical, hoping to calm him down. I hit the button, and as if I had cued it, Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor started on the radio, at the beginning! (If you are unfamiliar with that title here is the piece: ) It turned out to be the perfect background music. Tigger has an abscessed right fang, he’s scheduled to have it extracted Tuesday.

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