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Weekend in Las Vegas 2007

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

April 12th – 17th


 Most memorable moments…

  • Elvis Spotting!
  • Watching Julie try to sneak up and pinch Damon in the a$$
  • The girls all coming down the water slide in the shark tank
  • The lesbians in the hot tub.
  • The alley at the Tattoo parler
  • Sliding down the slide at the shark tank
  • Tim was pinching Damons a$$ opps sorry what happens in vegas stays in vegas
  • That really bad garlic smell…. pewy

Photos: Vegas 2007

A visit with Judy

W e all went to visit Judy on Sunday at her new residence. She looks great….has red/brown hair, a new chair that is very fancy and is making new friends…of course. We gave her our email addresses and phone numbers etc. If you have her 909 cell number it is still active and she has a number at the new place too. She is for sure wishing for lots more company but says she is content!

Judy Berryman-Gilbertson 1962 “Butterfly ’62” Las Vegas 2007 @@alt@@with Dave ’78 & Roxanne (Olejnik) ’80 Hernandez, Tim Meeks ’76, Dixie (Odom) Megrew ’65, Julie (Krejci) Wilson ’79, and Caryn Meeks.

Judy got back on line shortly after our visit. We sure missed her!

Oh.. and this time.. we didn’t have to worry about the Couch.. it was

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Greenriver Rendezvous

Saturday, July 10th, 2004

~ Greenriver Rendezvous ~
Pinedale Wyoming 2004

Summer 2004 I was invited to be a “Floozy” in the parade for the Greenriver Rendezvous, it sounded like fun so I went. It was a BLAST!! We went out bar hoppin’ in our Floozy costumes Friday night (aka: Floozin’) I had not closed the bars in Pinedale in 20 years. Pinedale has no open container law so you just stop at one bar and get your drink then cruise the other 2 bars to see who is out and about. Jeanie and I stayed out until the bars closed then went to a tailgate party for a while, I think we strolled in around 3am. Everyone was sleeping by that time, our room was occupied by 3 kids sleeping on two mattresses on the floor, Jeanie and I slept with Fred… the dog.

Oh My God!

Freshening up

Jeanie & I

The next morning was the parade, Carmin had 48 overnight guests at her house for this shin-dig. Yes, 48!!! There were even people sleeping in the back yard. It was mostly women and children, and only about 4 men with glazed over eyes. After the Parade we walked the streets in our costumes and looked at the venders booths. Then we went home, changed and went to the Rodeo Saturday night.

Pancakes for 48

Mrs Ruby

The Float

Street Walking


Bull Poker

The Parade… We were hootin’ & Hollarin’ to that C&W song “Save a horse, ride a cowboy”

Oh my God!… That is what we nick-named her, because all who saw her in costume said… “Oh My God!”

Bull Poker… we weren’t the only ones acting like fools, this was truly the most foolish thing I saw all weekend.

I don’t mind acting like a fool as long as I have another fool (or fools) standing next to me.

A good friend will help you move… a REALLY good friend will help you move a body… let me know if you ever need me to bring a shovel.
All photos click for larger view.

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Pig Wrestling 2003

Thursday, July 31st, 2003

Teton County Fair

SJMC Surgical Services Sassy Sows
Sharon, Jamie, M’Rique, & Julie

Our Vote for the Best Costume there!!!

Look Out Pig,
Here comes trouble!

What exactly about working in the medical field makes rolling around in the mud with a pig and 3 friends sound so appealing?

The 4 Pines PT team and Harrison’s Hog Handlers

“Super Swine Rastling INC.”

The Pharmacy gals
Zippy Zoloft: Cindi
Peppy Prozac: Candy
Cexy Celexa: Laurel
Leggy Lexapro: Heather

3 teams from SJMC, one team from 4 pine PT, and at least two kids teams with offspring from SJMC employees! The Mrs Piggy team above included.

SSRI get ready…
Get set…

Get that pig!

A cheer for luck ~

Jamie &

Waiting our turn


Our strategy, sneak up on the pig. go slow and not scare him. Just slowly walk over, pick him up, & stuff his bum in that barrel. Too bad the pig knew what we were up to and wanted no part of that plan.

The pig looks for a hole in our lineup.

That is M’Rique being drug around the pen holding on to that pig.

We’ll get him next year

The women’s division went last this year, the ring was as slick as snot (the rain did not help) and we all had big pigs. None of the ladies teams got their pig in the barrel, the pigs won! Oh well, there’s always next year.


Notice the big grin on the fireman’s face

Even though the pig won we had a BLAST!


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